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How to Keep Your Construction Site Clean With Skip Hire Service

Are you managing a construction site or working on it? You might have some ideas about how much debris and rubbish a construction site produces day by day and how tedious it could be to manage it all. As a leading skip hire in Mitcham, we are going to assist you in figuring out how to keep your construction site clean and decluttered. You would absolutely want to keep your construction site clean and decluttered since inefficient waste management and garbage accumulation on the site may reduce the workers’ efficiency as well as impair the overall work.

An easy solution for proper waste disposal is none other than a skip hire. You can manage construction waste by arranging for a skip bin from a professional skip hire in Mitcham.

Tips to Keep your Construction Site Clean and Decluttered

Skip hire service


Here, we delve into a bunch of tips to keep your construction site clean and decluttered. Let’s proceed to the tips.

Redundant tools are yet another reason that the construction site remains cluttered. Whatever tools are not in use should be put away and stored away properly. In cases like this, hiring a mini skip could be a good idea to organise and store away the tools properly and efficiently.

You should take this approach from the very outset of your project. It will ensure that the entire construction is implemented without a hitch or glitch. So, firstly, you need to choose an ideal skip bin size. Secondly, you have to separate the rubbish into two categories: recyclable and non-recyclable. As you segregate the waste, you need to arrange a separate area for all the rubbish materials. You should stack all the waste in an orderly manner and ensure that your skip bins are not overfilled with waste.

When the work has been completed, it is time to add the final touch with a broom. This is the last step. You need to grab the brooms and perform a thorough sweeping and cleaning of the site. This way, you should get rid of the remaining debris, remove glass, dust, and scraps and dispose of them in the skip bin. 

There are ample benefits to hiring a skip for waste management at the construction site. As a leading skip hire in Mitcham, Creejay Skip Hire can help you wipe your construction site clean and squeaky.


  • Need Less Place To Store

Hire the right-sized skip and you don’t have to waste your time determining whether you have sufficient space to keep the container. If you don’t want a bulky structure, hire a skip with a compact design. If the skip is not fitting within your property, you can also place it on public property but make sure you obtain the required permit first.

  • Different Sizes

One of the primary benefits of hiring a skip is that you can choose from various sizes. You can choose one according to your waste disposal requirements. Choosing a larger one than required will waste your money and even the available space. On the other hand, hiring a smaller skip will force you to hire another, which can delay your project.

  • Versatile Shapes

People opting for Skip Hire in Bromley can generally choose from various types of skips. Few of the common types are Mini Skips, Midi Skips, Bulk Skips and Enclosed Skips. Though all the containers will let you move your domestic or commercial waste with ease, you need to estimate the storage capacity of the skip before hiring.

  • Affordable

Most skip hire companies in Croydon and Bromley offer the service at affordable prices to suit customers with various budgets. Determine the amount you can afford for waste disposal and it will become easier for you to hire the best company within your budget. Browse through all the companies offering skips on hire and approach one.

Since there are so many benefits of hiring a skip, it’s time you get in touch with the experts at Ceejay Skips.